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My vision for THE WOWMOMS CLUB was to create a safe and loving place where women from all over the world could come, connect, and have access to a wealth of resources to become the best and highest version of themselves, for a very affordable price.

THE WOWMOMS CLUB is designed to give you the tools, resources, and inspiration to move from discontent to health, happiness, and abundance!

The wealth of resources provided in our club, will help you achieve the body and life of your dreams!

By being a member of the WOWMOMS CLUB- you will have access to my exclusive program, which will inspire you to take action towards transforming your life.

A life where you can be truly successful: alive, balanced, healthy, and genuine—living the life you were meant to live!

It's time to make the change you've been longing for and live as the highest and best version of yourself!

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Nicole's Story

As you can see I am here to coach you to your success! Your success is my success and one of my greatest joys of life is watching women in our community TRANSFORM NOT ONLY THEIR BODIES BUT THEIR ENTIRE LIVES!!! You see... you and I are not very different at all!! I have had so many struggles in my life, which thankfully have taught me many valuable lessons!

"It is through our struggles,that we learn our strengths" ~Nicole Zeola


This was me before



This is me NOW:


What I have achieved.....

I now mastermind with top health and business professionals, am an author, published model, and an international weight-loss success story. I also have created a life I love, helping women just like you not only achieve their dream bodies, but learn to LOVE THEMSELVES in the process. Because I know the struggles personally of having an eating disorder, a horrible body image, in-security, an un-balanced life, and a disharmonious mindset, I KNOW how depressing and discouraging life can seem at times. Because I have been through many if not all of the same struggles YOU are facing, I have created a road map on how to overcome these things, and turn your life around once and for all. I know I have endured the struggles I have had, to acquire the WISDOM that these struggles have given me.

My purpose and passion is TO SHARE THIS WISDOM WITH YOU. So let's put you back on your todo list today and

We are going to provide you with the tools and resources you need to become empowered and the best version of YOU. I can PROMISE YOU that this club, and my program IS NOT like ANYTHING YOU HAVE EVER DONE. I have spent the last two years working with experts and being mentored by leaders in the health and wellness industry. This has assisted me in creating A REVOLUTIONARY COMPLETE MIND AND BODY MAKEOVER PROGRAM.

What's included?

My program is laid out systematically, with every detail being covered in my latest book THE WOWMOMS METHOD. THE WOWMOMS METHOD IS A REVOLUTIONARY BODY AND MIND MAKEOVER!

Wowmoms Method

In my book the WOWMOMS Method, you will have the tools to completely give yourself a mind and body makeover.
You will learn things like....

  • How to detox your body, mind, and spirit.
  • How to release yourself from limiting beliefs, and habits.
  • How to eat clean and workout to transform your body and life.
  • How to love yourself from the inside- out.
VALUE- $39.95
Nutrition Software

Our Nutrition Software Will:

  • Customize daily meal plans designed specifically for YOU
  • Ensure you are getting the correct calories and nutrients you need to reach your goals
  • Provide you with detailed weekly grocery lists, to make preparing easy
  • Use science to assist you in resetting your metabolism

The Nutrition Software App Will:

  • Ensure you always have your meal plans and grocery lists with you
  • Do easy food exchanges when on the road
  • Log food and exercise for goal tracking
VALUE- $1200.00
Workout Videos
  • At home workouts you can do in the comfort of your own home
  • Don't need a baby sitter, bring your kids into your workouts
  • No need for an expense gym membership
  • Convenient quick workouts you can do anywhere


VALUE- $299.00
  • Monthly calls with Nicole where you can ask her any of your questions!
  • Expert Interviews with leaders in the health, wellness, and beauty industries.
  • Qualified expertise and special offers for valuable services from me and my hand selected panel of pros and partners.


VALUE- $499.00
Private Community Forum
  • Be supported in your goals
  • Connect with like minded women
  • Create amazing new friendships
  • Gain the strength & support you need from amazing these amazing women
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Membership in a club of this caliber, one that gives you access to world-class resources, exclusive coaching calls, and special offers is worth thousands of dollars, but I truly want to make this club accessible and affordable for anyone who is SERIOUS about creating the life of their dreams! WARNING: You must make a change if you truly want to change how you look and feel!!

Hear what just a few of our
Thousands of Fans have to say!!

  • Leah Hill

    Thank you so much WOWMOMS for all of the support and encouragement, I love your website! Having 2 toddlers, an involved career and volunteering periodically, I feel proud of myself for getting this far, and of course I thank God for giving me the ability and the support from Family & Friends.

    I encourage everyone to set aggressive goals (not just fitness related) and always continue to challenge and develop yourself, in order to be the best version of you. Most importantly - never underestimate what you are capable of!

  • Allison N.

    I am so excited! I have lost so much weight using the WOWMOMS Method and I feel amazing!!

    I can't thank you enough for the inspiration, motivation, and tools I need to get me into the best shape of my life physically as well as mentally. I am truly the happiest I have ever been in my life, and I now realize that I am control of the quality of my life and my happiness! I no longer blame others, and have learned to take responsibility and completely lean into my power!!

    I have learned so much about myself during this process, and I know now that with the right support, guidance, mindset, and attitude I can achieve anything I want to!!

    Thank you again WOWMOMS for everything!! I love you!!

  • Kimmy

    After having my twins I needed something quick and good after my workouts... Wow moms vanilla protien was a godsend! So yummy and filling keeps me going with my 3 kids and keeps me full so I don't eat their snacks!!! My Fav!!

  • Shelley B.

    I have tried numerous brands of protein powder but wowmoms is by far the best tasting protein on the market. I look forward to my shakes and use it in all kinds of yummy dessert recipes too! But the best part is it actually works!!""I have tried numerous brands of protein powder but wowmoms is by far the best tasting protein on the market.

    I look forward to my shakes and use it in all kinds of yummy dessert recipes too! But the best part is it actually works!!"

  • Sophia S.

    I don't know what I would have done without the jump start to my weight loss using the WOWMOMS protein powder!! I can say I despise breakfast of any sort, but after adding a scoop of yummy chocolate powder to my coffee every morning, my breakfast was done. Just like a cup of hot cocoa!! My plan was tailored to my eating habits, and it fit me to a T!!! My lil ones even enjoy the pancakes! I LOST 15LBS AND FEEL THE BEST I HAVE FELT IN YEARS!!!

    Thank you Nicole you are truly an inspiration to all mommy's!!

  • Mina Z.

    I got my body back with WOWMOMS! I successfully lost over 10lbs quickly just by implementing the clean eating tips from Nicole and implementing the WOWMOMS shakes into my life style daily! I love my new life style and I feel amazing:)

    I can't thank WOWMOMS enough for all of the information, support, and encouragement!!

  • Maryam Z.

    WOWMOMS has taught me all about mindfulness, clean eating and how to exercise for my body type.

    By implementing all of the helpful information Nicole provides in her program, I am transforming my body and my life.

    I can't thank Nicole and The WOWMOMS Method for giving me this fresh start!

  • Kristina

    I completely transformed my body in a month following Nicole's meal plan and workouts!
    It took hard work and dedication but I was able to get super lean which was always a goal of mine.

    I love how I look and feel now! I am a super proud mommy!!
    Thank you WOWMOMS!


This program is valued at well over $2000.00!
Yearly price normally $340.00

Limited time offer!! Only one payment of $97.00 for instant LIFETIME access! Offer ending soon, so don't miss out!

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